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Healthcare Marketing Analysis

As mentioned earlier in the text, London Medical Diabetic Health Clinic provides a comprehensive approach to ensure that patients with diabetes live normal lives, which are fulfilling. The four Ps in this organization are well strategized to ensure that patients get the best products from the hospital. London Medical Diabetic Health Clinic offers the following products to diabetic patients. The initial product is a superior care for patients with diabetes through the utilization of glucose sensors and pumps. This ensures that patients get a standard check for their glucose levels with striking accuracy, which does not leave any room for error. The second product is the educational courses, which are offered to staffs and patients to provide them with current information and findings about diabetes (Acton, 2011). For instance, there are open days for education to the hospital fraternity, and courses that focus on stress reduction to both patients and staff.Further, there are courses like Continuous Glucose Monitoring Information and Advanced Carbohydrate Counting and Insulin Dose Adjusting. Further, there is a pharmacy within the site of the hospital, which has the entire medication and books that diabetic patients require. Furthermore, the hospital installed a facility of teleconsultation, which enables patients to access consulting services from professionals without having to go to London (Leathard, 2000). The consultation fees are as low as $450, and this can be adjusted depending on the patient. ...
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In the paper “Healthcare Marketing Analysis” the author explores the marketing analysis of the healthcare organizations, with a keen interest on the London Medical Diabetic Health Clinic. The paper will analyze the entire health organization to establish the market analysis strategies employed there.

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