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Marketing Table of Contents KFC and its Franchising Strategy 3 Skoda and its Positioning Strategy 5 References 8 KFC and its Franchising Strategy Kentucky Fried Chicken popularly known as KFC is fast food restaurant specialized in serving fried chicken. The company is headquartered at Louisville, Kentucky, USA.


Presently the company has 15000 outlets with its presence in more than 105 countries (KFC, “About us”). It has almost 455000 employees. Currently the company has a turnover of $15 billion. The success of the company is mainly due its product and a sound marketing strategy. However the international expansion of the company also added to its huge success. The company undertakes its international expansion with franchisee system. A franchised system is a process by which the company allows another organization to use its name and market its product. The organization which uses the name of the company to market the products is known as franchisee. A franchisee thus holds the right to market the products in a particular geographic area (“Franchise”). KFC operates with franchise system in the international arena. The company was also highly benefitted by this type of operation as the financial risk was greatly minimized and company had taken other risks against it. Also franchised system has helped the company to understand the culture of the local community and develop the product line accordingly. For example in India the company never sells any beef product as it is against the social culture. However in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and other place of the world, the company sells beef products. ...
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