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Global Operations and Policies Abstract The report is about choosing a transnational company and to analyze its global operations and political activities. In this context Sony Corporation has been chosen as the organization for accomplishing the study. The report will mainly highlight on the global operation of Sony and it will also emphasize on the political activities of the company.


Table of Contents Introduction 4 Sony: A brief overview 5 Global Operations of Sony 6 Political activity 7 Strategies of Sony 8 References 10 Introduction With the sluggish growth of economy, international expansion of business and investment in foreign soil has become the most essential strategy for the survival and growth of a company. There are many companies that have witnessed faster growth in the international market. However for most of the companies international presence acts as the value accelerator for the company. The brand name and brand value of a company gets hugely augmented. Some of the other benefits of international presence are overall rapid growth, diversification of the income stream, higher return on investment and also the reinvestment rate gets increased. The companies with international presence can be segmented into 4 groups. They are International companies, Multinational companies, Global companies, transnational companies. However in the context of the project only the company which belongs to transnational segment will be chosen. Among the mentioned category Sony has been chosen as the organization. Sony has all the characteristics of a transnational corporation and also has a global presence. Now in order to begin the project a brief introduction of Sony is presented below. ...
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