Impact of intruduction of business itelligence tools in organization

Impact of intruduction of business itelligence tools in organization  Research Paper example
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Examining the Impact of Introduction of Business Intelligence Tools in an Organization 1. Aims of the Dissertation Ever changing newer technologies have transformed businesses all over the world and these technologies are actually determining the future viability of a said business in today’s competitive environment.


Economies in many ways are becoming more and more technology dependent these days and this means that the organizations performing business in these economies too should equip themselves with technology and use it to outperform their competitors. (Craig & Douglas, 1996, pp. 70-81) Many theorists have argued over the recent times that organizations should employ technology to make them more agile and flexible (De Waal, n.d.). To serve this purpose, many renowned business managers came up with the idea of using statistical measures to best translate the data they have. Data is only an asset if it can be transformed into some useful information by the means of which decision making could be made easier and business managers can forecast their production plans and marketing strategies. The aim that this dissertation has to fulfill is the examination of how a particular business intelligence tool or a combination of business analysis tool can benefit an organization. Business Analysis or analytics is a specific mix of business and technical knowledge and a very specialized business line in its own right. Companies therefore are moving away from conventional approaches to a paradigm where information management is a very important determinant. ...
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