Marketing case study of Ferrero Company

Marketing case study of Ferrero Company Case Study example
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Running head: Marketing Marketing Case Study of Ferrero Company Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 18 July 2012 Introduction Ferrero is an Italian confectionary company founded by Pietro Ferrero in 1946. Pietro Ferrero incorporated 50% of hazelnut and 50% of cocoa confection as a means of beating the heavy taxes imposed on cacao beans (Australian Trade Commission, 2012).


To successfully penetrate the market Ferrero maintains a limited unique number of products manufactured and marketed at the highest quality possible. The company also seeks to understand the market properly by carrying out extensive test marketing of its products to avoid embarrassing marketing failures (Australian Trade Commission, 2012). Question One Ferrero Australian opened an online boutique that sells premium chocolate gifts packed in unique keep sake gift boxes. The online boutique was actualized due to consistent demands for Ferrero chocolate gift packs by customers for their chocolate loving friends and family. The gifts are customized, elegantly packed and contain a card for personalized messages (Ferrero Boutique, 2012). Ferrero decision to open an online boutique was a well thought marketing strategy in line with the changing consumer habits in Australia. The internet has become an integral and essential feature of the day-to-day social and business lives of billions of people around the globe and the internet economy is growing strong each day (Bughin et al., 2011). ...
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