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The Impact of Cause-Related Marketing on Consumer Choices Student Name Course Institution Date Contents Contents 2 1.0Introduction 3 2.0Definition of Cause Related Marketing 4 3.0 The Use of Cause-Related Marketing 5 3.0Theories Influencing Cause-Related Marketing 7 4.0Previous Studies Testing the Influence of Cause-Related Marketing on Consumer Choices 8 5.0Rationale for Cause-Related Marketing 11 6.0Sample Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns 12 RadioShack 12 American Express 13 7.0 Conclusion 14 References 15 The Impact of Cause-Related Marketing on Consumer Choices 1.0 Introduction In the current marketplace, there are numerous products with very little, if any, distinctions in price, qualit


As a communication tool, the success of a CRM campaign is highly reliant on consumer responses and perceptions of the cause to which the CRM campaign is attached. Much depends on the consumer’s awareness of the identified cause and the cause’s contribution to social goods. The consumer’s connection to the cause can either improve or reduce the chances of the CRM campaign’s success (Baack, Harris & Baack, 2011). This research studies analyses the concept of CRM and its influences on consumer choices. By taking this approach, the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of CRM as a tool for communicating with consumers can be identified. ...
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