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Consensual Relationship Agreements Case Study Assignment Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Consensual Relationship Agreements Love and Romance in the Workplace Let’s face it- man is a social animal and it is hardly surprising that most of human achievement through the ages has been the result of teamwork and cooperation.


Love, attraction, or something like it has been in the air right from the time the first Neanderthal man clubbed, wooed and carried off the first Neanderthal woman to his cave as a life partner. And so it is with life in the office today. Try as we might, most of us in open and free Western societies cannot help feeling attraction for each other. Love happens- even in the workplace- and in fact is quite a common occurrence. To quote the British poet George Herbert, ‘love and a cough’ certainly ‘cannot be hid’. What is a CRA? A CRA is short for a Consensual Relationship Agreement. Consensual Relationship Agreements are written contracts enforceable in the workplace and generally drawn up by Human Resources Departments with a view to preventing or avoiding liability or litigation with respect to sexual harassment and other disagreements arising from a love relationship gone sour between partners in the workplace. It’s a way of trying to ensure that love and work don’t mix. But as they say, it is easier said than done. We cannot separate feelings and emotions from the man or the woman or separate his or her home and family life. ...
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