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Formal Memo / PSA video

Alcohol drinking and driving cannot go together as human brain has to take care of numerous processes and things every time. Drinking liquor causes lack of attentiveness and the ability of a person to make a quick decision on the road to react according to the specific situation. Driving becomes detrimental for everyone on the road when drinking liquor. Due to drunk driving following extremely negative outcomes have been seen:
For people of age 21 or more are allowed 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol concentration) as a legitimate quantity for driving car in the United States while below 21 years of age is not allowed to drive with any quantity of alcohol. In usual cases of drunk driving, the drivers have 0.10 BAC that causes accidents.
The problem is so intense that needs to be controlled through rigorous campaign of creating awareness among the masses. Although legal actions have been taken and it is considered as a major crime yet we see repeated offenders are more than 60% in most of the cases. People even use other drugs along with alcohol that result in 18% of the death cases in roadside accidents. Along with the strict law, there is huge need to let the people know about the intensity of the problem and its disastrous ...
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The chosen topic for the PSA is “Drunk Driving” because it has been a recurring problem in America and the death toll in addition to financial losses has raised in past years despite awareness. However the law is actively existent to cope up with the problem yet there is…
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