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Running head: International Marketing International Marketing Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 26 March 2012 International Marketing Introduction Cross-cultural analysis involves the study and bridging of cultural differences that exists in a diverse market.


Nevertheless, international marketing has largely grown to become competitive, thus calling for increased knowledge on cross-cultural aspects in the global arena. Cross Cultural Analysis Culture and cultural differences has not only impacted on the effectiveness of firms with respect to international competitiveness, but has also progressively generated negative effects regarding efficient usage of international marketing resources. Success of international firms is basically dependent on their international marketing strategies that incorporate cross-cultural intelligence aspects. Moreover, international marketing professionals continuously seek to understand global cultures and cultural differences that exist in the international specific markets ventured. Understanding cultural variations that exists among customers and target markets is important for developing an international marketing strategy that is universal and covers all customer needs. Application and outcome of professional marketing largely depends on the extent to which cultural differences are evident among customers (Zhen, 2011, p.582). ...
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