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Best Buy website Best Buy website: An Overview Part 1. Overview: Website Characteristics & Marketing Implications Best Buy Company is a US based consumer electronics retailer that and operates in America, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. Their business involves not only electronics but also other merchandise for example software, computers, music, DVDs, mobiles phones, digital cameras, video cameras, home appliances, musical equipment, health and fitness related equipment etc.


They also believe in being the best while at the same time enjoying their work, and ingraining a customer centric approach as a routine part of the workplace. (Buy) Placement is in stores and selling through its website as well. Best Buy is a customer oriented business so products are those that customers actually need. The placement is for the customer who earns an income of about 75,000 dollars and possibly has kids, and has has an averga eage of 38 years. (Buy) And even though Walmart and Costco are its competitiors, Best Buy allows customers to shop online. And their recent strategy is to follow Walmart’s mantra of low prices everyday in order to be more competitive and cost effective. (Heller, 2011) Best Buy also offers other oppurtunities than just products and services such as the option of assissting business people in making their own websites, having an additional website called Best Buy On which helps further in making purchase decisions and has videos that help in making decisions. (Buy) However, there are certain disadvantages as well. Best Buy has a low customer service satisfaction rate. ...
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