Investigation of Consumer's Perceptions of Baranka Cafe on Motorway - Literature review Example

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Investigation of Consumer's Perceptions of Baranka Cafe on Motorway

Mick, Pettigrew, Pechmann and Ozanne (2011, p.167) note that a brand image is accumulated reflections about an organization’s characters. It is vital for highlighting an organization’s missions and visions. The elements of a constructive brand include an impacting logo that rises to prop an organization’s image. Additionally, Rao (2011, p. 49) argues that a slogan is essential in describing an organization in brief as well as supporting the core values of the same. Consumers use details, in their subconscious, in order to develop a lasting impression about services. In turn, they become subjective associations of the bundle of services that customers would receive in Baranka. An example of brand image, for Baranka, would concern with hygiene. Additionally, the cafe could be identifiable as a sophisticated service group. The idea behind this appeal pertains to the fact that a consumer purchases both a product and a brand. In most circumstances, a customer’s drive towards services would be driven by the brand. Mooji (2009, p 275) highlights of brand positioning statement as vital in a brand image. Kapferer (2008, p. 98) confirms that the brand positioning statement links the internal with the external aspects of a brand. These two aspects are the principal areas of a brand. The internal aspects relate to the same that a company injects for the market. ...
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Brand image Name: Instructor: Task Date: Brand Image In the case of Baranka, brand will express out as the consumers’ perceptions of the same. It is a distinct bundle of associations within the target customers’ mind. It signifies the image that Baranka stands in the same…
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