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Running head: Marketing Marketing Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name 25 July 2012 Question 1 Global branding is beneficial to firms in several ways; primarily global branding boost the reputation of the firm in the market making it attract more customers who are enticed by its global status.


Additionally, global branding creates a new image for a company could be used to increase its market share. Highly recognized brands have certain common features that define them and prevail amongst them (Bloomberg, 2006). Most of these features denote the prevailing marketing strategy that determines successful global brands. This is because branding is a marketing gimmick that basically characterizes the quintessential aspects of marketing and strategy. From my experience while visiting inter-brand and business week websites where the top global brands report is evaluated, these elements include reliability, aesthetic value, proper packaging, warranty services and sustainability among others. In essence, consumers prefer global brands for an assortment of reasons. Originally, global branding has a lot of connotations some of which are real, and others perceived. Therefore, consumers associated global brands with aspects of quality, reliability, superiority, convenience and safety (Interbrand, 2012). As a result, global branding has a lot of sway on the buying decisions of consumers. Practically, global branding has a high bearing on the quality and suitability of products and services more so to the usage by consumers. First and foremost are the high standards associated with the global business through which global brands must meet certain requirements to survive in the market. ...
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