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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Integrated marketing communications It appears to be a four-way battle between stiff competitors. As the economy rebounds and consumer-confidence, slowly returns to the market, all businesses are looking for methods to promote themselves back to the public.


Due to an increase in amount of impressions required in order to make an impact, businesses are struggling to find the best method of creating awareness about their brand (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2011:41). The public seems oversaturated with messages in any one discipline. As such, businesses need to connect with their audience by use of multiple methods of communication. This paper will seek to address how Apple Inc. approaches its market and how it makes use of the integrated marketing communications concept. This multinational company, Apple Inc, deals with luxurious products such as a consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. Its core product lines include Macintosh computer line-up and others. Apple is a company that demonstrates huge knowledge of the integrated market communication concepts. As such, the company is always able to introduce a new product and push sales drastically. As a result, consumers are always much aware of its products due to frequent reminders either through televising or radio. With respect to the elements of integrated market communication concepts, Apple is always in a position to attain huge volume of sales of particularly its new and upcoming products. ...
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