The Role of Sociology During Wars

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Author`s Name School Name Title Role of Sociology in Understanding War The concept of war is generally associated with subjects like International Relations and Strategic Studies, in fact to be more precise with areas like conflict and peace studies. However, nowadays, the social scientists are returning towards sociology to understand the fundamentals of the concept of war to draw predictions and further to resolve the crisis after having analyzed it in depth.


This paper aims at discussing how sociology can play a crucial role in predicting, understanding and thus, avoiding wars. Sociology is the study of societies, usually modern ones which comprises of people being the sole fundamentals or building blocks of the society, and thus understanding the psyche and societal roles of these people can help understand war more effectively, as proposed by the sociologists (Stanchak 2000). The first part of the thesis comprises of the role of sociology in understanding the concept of war which is the sole pre-requisite for predicting and thus, resolving the issues which have the potential of turning into a war like situation. In this context, Lachmann (2012) argues that war can be traced back in history and can thus be studied in terms of benefits and losses for individuals or groups within individuals. For instance, he states that citizens of a nation associate their collective interests with the state authority, and the state in turn seeks benefits from the state in terms of taxes and services etc. ...
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