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Segmented Marketing and Branding – Big Mac Name University Segmented Marketing & Branding – Big Mac The company selected is McDonald’s Corporation and the brand to be discussed in this paper is Big Mac. The headquarters of McDonald’s Corporation is located in Oak Brook, USA.


The company initiated its services in the year 1940. Today, it is internationally acclaimed and is growing to achieve even greater heights (McDonald’s, 2012). McDonald’s is known for its mouth-watering products comprising of hamburgers, desserts, French fries and various types of drinks. The basic goal of the business strategy adopted by McDonald’s is to never compromise on the quality of food delivered to the consumers. The company’s outstanding Marketing strategy with respect to Branding and Segmentation constitutes one of the reasons for its success. Marketing can be defined as recognizing the needs of the customers and then fulfilling those needs in a delightful manner that leads to customer retention and brand loyalty. Big Mac is a hamburger which was introduced by McDonald’s in Pennsylvania in the year 1967 with a selling price of 45 cents. It was promulgated on a national scale in 1968. The burger was created to contend with Big Boy sandwich, a similar type of item with a bread slice in between with the purpose of holding together the stuffing and averting spill out. Over the years, it has become a signature product of the company with an exceptional brand name. It consists of two layers of beef patties merged with molten cheese and mouth watering sauce along with an onion and munch of pickle, served together in a delicious three division sesame seed bun. ...
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