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Consumer Market and Consumer Buyer Behavior

According to Kotler & Armstrong (2010), the provisions allowed global marketing activities for mobile network operators. The company was willing to bring contract manufacturers on-board and develop customized products. On the other hand, Apple Inc. is Telecommunication Company with global dominance headquartered in Cupertino and incorporated in America. The company sells, develops, and designs online services, consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. According to Estelami (2009), Apple is popular for the hardware products like iPad tablet computer, Mac computers, iPhone smartphone, and iPod media player. The firm provides online services such as App Store, iTunes Store, and iCloud. Apple’s consumer software is inclusive of operating systems such as iOS and OS X, the iTunes, and the Safari web browser and iWork creativity and iLife productivity suites.
Apple has well-defined marketing policies aimed at enhancing customer values. The goal of such strategic focus includes an allowance for customers to generate confidence on the product profiles. The release of new products brings in debates on the global telecommunication sector. Engraved marketing action plans are utilized in delivering solutions relating to the organizational objectives. The firm bears comprehensive range of models in marketing. Increment of promotions and sales comes from an emphasis on thorough research and development. According to Estelami (2009), outcomes are enablers of meets different customer preferences. The relevance of the Apple Company’s contribution includes increasing impacts of electronic media as well as social media networks’ command. HTC and Apple monitor the marketing initiatives through constant measurement of campaigns ratings. Departments take corrective actions towards improving efficiency and effectiveness for procedural campaigns.
According to Hugh (2012), one of ...
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This essay focuses on marketing theories, principles and practices for the HTC Corporation and Apple.
HTC Corporation was formerly High-Tech Computer Corporation. The company…
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