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Running Head: MARKETING COMMUNICATION APPROACH Marketing Communication Approach [Writer Name:] [Institute Name:] Marketing Communication Approach Introduction This paper is written within the context of marketing communications approach. The paper identifies the different approaches Microsoft organization and Apple Corporation have used for marketing communication, by studying their respective press or news releases published at the companies’ official websites.


There are various communication channels that any organization may use for corresponding with the consumers, investors, suppliers, social activist groups and media groups. These channels range from advertising, trade promotions, consumer promotions, event marketing and sponsorship, personal selling and publicity & public relations. The news release publication is concerned with and falls under the publicity and public relations category of marketing communication strategy. The news releases are issued by an organization whenever it has a worth mentioning news, event, or offer to announce publically that catches or is likely to grasp media’s, investors’ or consumers’ attention. These press or news releases are often open for free access to general public and at times these are characterized by restricted access to particular groups because of sensitive details and to secure confidential information disclosure. At times interested parties are encouraged to pay for these news releases to acquire access to valuable information discovery about an organization, for instance; financial news releases. ...
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