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Global Marketing Organizations, which are operating in any industrial sectors including in the sector of Information Technology (IT), would want to expand their operations into foreign territories due to various factors. That is, organization could think about entering foreign markets if they have achieved optimal success in the home market, or due to heightened competition or saturation in the home market, or due to good opportunities in the foreign market, etc, etc.


These factors will be visible both in the macro as well as in the micro environment of the organization. In the macro-environment, factors including political, social, cultural, economic, etc., could impact the entering organization. In the micro or in the immediate environment of the firm, market factors including competitors, recent trends, etc., will impact the organization. After analyzing these factors, the firms have formulate a set of objectives, so they have can have a clear path, regarding what to achieve and how to achieve those objectives. The next key process is analyzing the various entry modes and finding out the best entry mode. The firms should also plan out the marketing strategies that have to be implemented in the entering countries before-hand, so they can aptly reach their products or services to the intended customers. All these key processes will be applicable to our software development firm as well. Our company is a medium sized software firm developing software for applications in many sectors particularly electronics and communications sector. ...
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