Control projects, capital management, risk management and evaluation

Control projects, capital management, risk management and evaluation  Essay example
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Peter Albert Lupschen Student No U1020033 CONTROL PROJECTS, CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, RISK MANAGEMENT, AND EVALUATION University of Southern Queensland Written Presentation WBL 8020 (2) units Due Date March 2012 Abstract The safety professional who adapts a strategic orientation to safety, along with a rigorous attention to the tactics of improvement mechanisms, stands to create a much more rewarding career.


A core element to the Health and Safety strategy is an effective risk management process. The identification of hazards through a systematic approach while employing the guides of the Australian Standards, assessment and management of risks, evaluation and analysis of risk control measures, ensuring that the organisation has effectively implemented and maintained this process. Effective risk management requires responsibilities of the system to be designated for the processes and resources involved. The resources are reasonable and accurately determining an implementation process of the appropriate preventive measures. More importantly, workers must be actively involved throughout, with procedures documented and repeatable. The systematic approach to the Safety Management System requires the implementation of core structures and procedures managed by experienced participants throughout the process. This paper sets out to explain the recent developments that occurred within the organisation with the implementation of the 1 Boral Health Safety Management System. ...
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