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Research Paper example - The Effects of Brand Management (Global and Domestic) on the Internet

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Research Paper
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The Effects of Brand Management (Global and Domestic) on the Internet Introduction Brand is often referred as a specific icon, design, or phrase that helps to identify and distinguish one product from another. Brand acts as an identity which is required for analyzing a particular product existing in the market…

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Thus, brand helps in carrying the pledge about the numerous characteristics of the product of an organization (Stine, n.d.). Therefore, the process of improving the features of particular brand is referred to as brand management which focuses on augmenting various inventive aspects in the products in order to accomplish consumer desires. It is extremely essential as it facilitates the brand to enhance its quality and eminence among other apparent products in the market. Hence, the procedure of brand management improves the corporate image amplifying customer dependency. Thus, brand management becomes an essential part of marketing which contributes towards the total sales of an organization to a considerable extent (Neyn, 2008). This paper mainly attempts to highlight the importance and benefits of brand management for an organization. It also aims to identify the influence of brand management over internet services. Moreover, it intends to describe the impact of ethics over branding characteristics and communication techniques. This report also takes into account the impact of brand management of both local and international companies on Internet services. ...
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