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Product Name and Package

There is already a well-coordinated ice cream network in the region, with extensive help of the several chains of supermarkets. Most the ice cream products sold in France occur in the supermarkets, hypermarkets and other ice-cream shops.
The product logo has exploited the use of what the French people love most: their dessert, wine, and new culinary creations. There is a sense of the French culture the product logo. The English translation of the name means endless joy. The product drives the message that it could bring endless to joy to every consumer that partake a product. The people could be motivated to purchase the product because they associate the product to the love for their culture. It develops the feeling of pride.
The color and message driven by the use of the words attract the attention of the customer. The color of the logo is quite similar and sensitive to the different types of ice cream sold in the market. The graphics used in the writings are readable. The front too is okay, as the letters are well outlined.
Haagen Dazs has exploited most of the above name features in advertising their brand in the market. At one moment, the Hagen Dazs company was experiencing problems in the market primarily because of the constant increase in competition in the market. The company management decided to address the issue with having a complete product rebrand. The company exploited the people love for honey, by associating their product flavors to be from the bees. This was present in the product logo, marking the company a success once more (“Haagen-Dazs supports cause”).
The advertising aspect of the product adheres to the local rules on food and beverages. The law is against advertising of alcohol to underage kids. Despite having several alcohol flavors in the brands, the logo does not anything alcoholic in promoting the product. However, the firm has taken certain measures in ensuring that the alcoholic ...
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The name being in French, associates the ice cream with the local people. This is despite being in a world with a rising trend of having company logos in English, in a bid to attract more customers. An…
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