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Research Proposal: Skipper Charter Airline Name of Student: Course Title: Name of Instructor: Institution: Date of Submission: One of the most salient aspects of running a business is marketing. In a business, the most effective business marketing efforts will be substantially enhanced if the organization has a plan.


The company started a few years ago with the main of growth and expansion to international flights. Skipper airline charter is a unique air charter organization that strives to be creative and pioneering leaders in the field of airline transport. Skipper Airlines is the largest provider of fly in fly out services in Bahamas and Florida. This company operates nearly hundred flights per week. The company’s main mission is to attain customer satisfaction and seek and challenge future opportunities for the company’s prosperity. The company also aims to provide high quality services to its clients through partnerships in order to remain focused on the opportunities. All these visions, missions, and objectives can be attained through an efficient marketing plan. Skipper Charter Airline has been in the industry for almost half a decade and has never failed to achieve customer satisfaction. With the aircrafts at the clients’ disposal, customers can depart at their own will and timetable even within minutes after arrival at the company’s airport. The company is conscious about the customer’s time and no more can a customer miss a flight. With Skipper Charter Airlines, the customer has the power to fly to and fro without the inconvenience of waiting flights or linking flights through a major airport. ...
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