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CHURCH GROWTH Introduction The issue of church growth is a very sensitive one. In fact there are several schools of thought what it comes to what church growth should constitute. There are for instance, those who believe that a drastic increase in the membership of a church over a certain period of time should be enough justification for determining church growth (Adair and Evon, 2009).


For the present action plan therefore, a combination of ideas and thought from both sides of the argument are being considered. In its totality therefore, this is going to be an action plan on how to map up ways of increasing the physical quantum of the church’s membership and there after find means of equipping the spiritual content of the members who are won into the church. This shall be done by following the planning process steps to come up with a comprehensive way of guaranteeing a paper-work church growth formula. Planning Processes Step 1: Purpose and Goal Setting The very first step is for the church to have a purpose and set out goals on what it wants to achieve. Already, it has been indicated that as far as church growth is concerned, there are two major schools of thoughts as to what church growth constitutes. For this reason, it is important that the church comes clear on which of the two ways it wants to pursue as it sets out its purpose and goal. The goal setting ought to have some key conventional qualities. For instance the goals ought to be specific, time bound, achievable, relevant and measurable. ...
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