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Marketing Research 1. Introduction Marketing research has consistently supported the connection between customer commitment and an organization’s profitability. This recognition of the connection between customer commitment and organizational profitability led to the theoretical establishment of different types of commitment in marketing and different ways of measuring this commitment.


Achrol, and Mentzer established three forms of customer commitment: affective, instrumental, and temporal commitment.1 Affective customer commitment occurs when a positive attitude towards the future existence of the relationship is demonstrated. A number of approaches have been established in constructing affective customer commitment. One of the most prominent approaches has been through the development of strong brand identity. It’s noted that, “Every organisation has an identity. It articulates the corporate ethos, aims and values and presents a sense of individuality that can help to differentiate the organisation within its competitive environment.”2 Large arrays of approaches to creating brand identity have been established. One perspective embraces corporate social responsibility as strongly contributing to brand identity.3 Such approaches have been embraced by organizations such as Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks. The recognition being that through creating a socially responsible image, customers will increasingly express long-term satisfaction with the company. ...
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