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With the hope to be the third place for the people between home and workplace, Starbucks opened its first shop at Seattle’s market in the year 1971. The company believes that the people not only comes for the coffee at Starbucks but also because of the atmosphere they create is an add-on for their success in the market…


People enjoy coffee while reading books, listening music or just gossip with friends and family. Specifically matching the regional culture and taste, the company strategically placed their products. It was one amongst the Fortune 100 top companies in the year 2005 to work for .

Section 1: Marketing Audits Organizational Audit
In order to understand the company’s strength and weaknesses, opportunity and threats the SWOT analysis of the firm has been performed to find the internal and the external environmental situation of the company.

SWOT Analysis Strength
Product diversification- huge range of products like coffee, baked foods, music cds etc.
Well known developed brand image with online presence and copyright logo.
The company has their own retail and international stores and don’t depend on franchisee.
The locations of the stores are very strategically placed to attract more customers. • The locations of the stores are very strategically placed to attract more customers.
With good working environment the company possess valued and very motivated workforce.
The company have good relation with the suppliers of Coffee and other requirements.
Starbucks is the market leader of the Coffee industry.
Customers are loyal to the brand
The company is located internationally
Starbucks has a very strong financial establishment which helps the company to invest in the process of expansion.
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