Marketing strategy and tactics for a new product or brand: Apple Inc

Marketing strategy and tactics for a new product or brand: Apple Inc Essay example
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Apple Inc. Name: Institution Affiliation: Apple Inc. The Apple Company cwas established in 1970 by two individuals, who happened to schoolmates and friends as well as share the same passion (Linzmayer, 2004). These were Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. During the early years of its operations, it was known as Apple Computer Incorporation due to the fact that it specialized in personal computers.


Apple Inc is credited with producing the ‘I’ products, these are the iPads, iPods and the iPhones. When it comes to software, it has produced some of the best such as safari web surfer, the iOS used on mobile phones and the iTunes media browser. The company has also established itself among the largest players of mobile phone manufacturing in the planet scooping position number three after Samsung in position one and Nokia in position two. Over the years, Apple become among the major players in communication and entertainment devices manufacturers (Linzmayer, 1999). Among its range of products that is brags to have invented over the years are: Operating systems I, iWork, iPhones and iPads among others. These products have managed to completely revolutionize the world of communication and entertainment and forced other players in this field such as Microsoft and Oracle company’s to intensify there quality of work and come up with more advanced products or products that are close to the quality that Apple produces. The trend that Apple has set in producing quality and more advance products than the previous has managed to help them acquire a consumer base that has remained loyal over two decades, always believing that they can never find any other quality range of products from any other company globally. ...
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