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Introduction Nestle is a Swiss Company that is globally present and has touched the hearts of millions of consumers. It is also known as the world’s largest food-and-nutrition company. It is a packaged food company that came into being in 1866 and was formed by Henry Nestle.


The following is the operating segment of Nestle by geographic area (Zones, Waters and Other) and management responsibility: Zone Europe Zone Americas Zone AOA (Asia, Oceania and Africa) Nestle Waters Nestle Nutrition Other Food and Beverages Pharma The Nestle Group manages its Food and Beverages business through Nestle Waters, Nestle Nutrition and Other Food and Beverages. Its products are divided into six segments: Beverages, Milk products, Nutrition and Ice Cream, Prepared dishes and cooking aids, Confectionary, PetCare and Pharmaceutical Products (Nestle Group, 2009). Mission Statement Nestle has a wide network across the globe but it makes sure that it adheres to the local legislation, cultural and religious practices of the countries in which it has its operation. Its business objective is to market the company’s products in a way that creates value for all its stakeholders like consumers, employees, shareholders and business partners. Long term business development is more important to Nestle than short-term high profits. It also values the trust that consumers place in its products, actions and beliefs. It adheres to legislation as it keeps Nestle on track and makes it more committed to protecting consumer interests. In all countries that Nestle operates, it follows laws because it believes adhering to laws is a sign of professionalism (Nestle, n.d.). ...
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