The CSR Benchmarks and Models of the Cooperative Bank

The CSR Benchmarks and Models of the Cooperative Bank Essay example
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The CSR benchmarks and models of the Cooperative Bank Name: Institution: Briefly review the CSR benchmarks and models which managers could consider when determining their position on CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility deals with the treatment of the firm’s stakeholders ethically or in a more responsible way.


The broadest aim of the social responsibility is to create higher and even higher standards of living, while maintaining the corporations’ profitability, for people in and outside the corporation (Line 2012, p.10). CSR becomes classified in a number of ways; Environmental protection The main focus of CSR is to find a sustainable solution for the natural resources use, to help reduce the company’s impact on its environment. Over the couple number of years, environmental responsibility has grown to include more than the compliance with all appropriate government regulations, or participating in energy efficiency. A number of companies and environmental organizations define environmental responsibility as including, comprehensive move to a firm’s operations, goods and facilities that also include; assessing the products of the company, processes and the services; removing waster and other emissions; utilizing the efficiency and the subsequent productivity of the entire assets and resources (Frankental 2001, p.21). Labor security These contain freedoms of association and the subsequent recognition of the right to the collective bargaining, the removal of all types of forced labor. It also entails the abolition of child labor and removal of discrimination in line with employment and occupation (McWilliams & Siegel 2001, p.18). ...
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