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Name Institution Course Instructor Name Tropicana Marketing Essentials Introduction Description of Tropicana Company Tropicana is a subsidiary of soda Behemoth Company, Pepsi that makes orange juice at a Bradenton facility located in Florida and sells it to the US and Canada markets (Berinstein, 2003: 89).


Tropicana also produces juice on behalf of Dole Company under license and the naked juice for Pepsi Company. Marketing is the broadest sense in business and incorporate everything that is there to understand about markets. It revolves around bringing products or services into a market and developing new markets. This paper will tackle the essentials of marketing in respond to Tropicana Company. Tropicana Marketing Essentials Marketing involves creating an appealing brand for products. Serious managers should enforce a brand that is recognizable and sellable then seed it into new markets as well as those still accessible. This requires creating a brand content that consumers have genuine interests in since nowadays consumers filter ads out. Branding and its content should be the key player in everything a company does while preparing products for marketing (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2011:63). Therefore, for Tropicana to succeed, it has incorporate considerable measures ranging from spending time on product branding to spending time in marketing. Knowing that product is what a company sells and not just the physical product the company is offering. ...
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