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Customer Beavior(TWEENS, GEN Y AND GEN X)

In most cases; they reach out for information crucial to their lives from the media. Peers and their parents help in defining themselves and their general attitude towards things more. Owing to the age cohort that they belong and that most of their decisions are influenced by their peers. The pertinent worries of how they are to fit in seamlessly and form interactions within their gatherings. The marketers need to come up with a marketing strategy that flows with their identity.
With the projection in population, tween marketing cannot afford to escape any marketer worth his salt. Tween is primarily because, in 2013, tweens spent up to $ 51 billion on themselves while their parents spent more than $ 170 billion. According to (Yarrow 111), the average American tween earns close to $ 30.00 per week with the greatest proportion of this spent on fashion. (Yarrow 111- 13) Also asserts that 8 in every ten teens listen to music and 90 percent engaged in on-media consumption. While the modern day tween has shifted interest from toys to fancy gadgets like iPhones and music players, marketing strategies are only bound to change. As they identify, they are seen to be following music, celebrities and are involved with technology a great deal. The technology means their attitude towards marketing strategies like direct mails will not bring as many returns as adaptation of marketers to media involving cell phones and emails. For product development, marketers are encouraged to uphold this group’s intelligence, not oversell and also be direct in the messaging that is also expected to speak their language (Yarrow 122). An example of a service relevant to this group of spenders is an app that allows them to talk to people, share photos instantly and follows celebrities’ lives instantly at the click of a button. A product that identifies them with their favorite celebrities without passing for copycats would make very promising ventures.
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In marketing demographics, tweens can be defined as the in-betweens of being a child, as well as a teen. Currently, there are 20 million tweens in the United States with the number expected to scale to…
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