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How the simple search engine became a leader in the technology industry?

Google has reported big increases in sales and profits for the first quarter ended 31 March, 2005 as web advertising and sponsored search revenues continue to grow. The search engine company reported net profits of $369.2m (?205.1m) on sales of $1.26bn for the quarter. This compares with a net profit of $64m on sales of $651.6m for the same quarter last year (Savaas, 2005) In 2005, Google joined the list of 100 most powerful companies in the world. Google’s revenues increased steadily over the last few years. Even though Google started as a search engine company, they have many other product or service portfolios such as social networking, operating systems, online books, mobile phones, healthcare etc at present. In this project I will discuss and elaborate on the changes Google has made from being a user service for search to an internet giant in terms of many different aspects of technology. These aspects range from their original search, to email, to videos, to retail, to mobile industry to much more. Analyzing the changes in the past 15 years will produce the how and why Google is one of the kings of marketing and advertising. ...
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Google: How the simple search engine became a leader in the technology industry? Google: How the simple search engine became a leader in the technology industry? Google Inc. started as a search engine on the World Wide Web in the month of September, 1997. was the initial name of the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin…
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