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Journal of Consumer , the Journal of Marketing , or the Journal of Consumer Psychology - Research Paper Example

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Journal of Consumer , the Journal of Marketing , or the Journal of Consumer Psychology

In this experiment, forty university students were used as the participants. The results demonstrated that the participants viewed the brand more positively when a fee is not charged. In the second experiment, the author aimed at understanding how people react to comparable and non-comparable rewards offered back by the brands. In this study, ninety four undergraduate students from a university in North America took part. The results showed that exchange oriented consumers expect comparable benefits from the brand partners. For communal consumers or partners, benefits that are not necessarily comparable but recognize their efforts are accepted. Finally, the author undertook an experiment to examine how the time taken between seeking help and offering of help affects consumer behavior. Ninety five students took part in the study. Results showed that consumers view brands negatively if there is a delay in the return favor request. Overall, the behavior of the participants in the three scenarios demonstrated that consumers’ behavior and attitudes is greatly influenced by the actions of the brands. The use of human subjects allowed for an actual observation of the attitudes and behavior of the participants towards the brands, thereby providing an insight into consumer behavior.
The present research, conducted by Anat Keinan and Ran Kivetz (2008), aimed at evaluating the effect of anticipating long term regret in consumer behavior. The authors argue that anticipating long term regret has an effect on consumer preferences and may motivate them to counteract their virtues or good tendencies and engage in virtues. In order to test this hypothesis, the authors used three sets of participants in three different studies. In the first study, the authors asked participants to examine and judge the regrets of others relating to a past decision and then come up with a choice for themselves. 91 train station travelers participated in the study. The ...
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In this research carried out by Pankaj Aggarwal (2004), the author attempted to demonstrate how brand relationship norms affect the attitudes and behavior of consumers. According to the author, people form relationships with brands, and any actions of the brands affect their…
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