Marketing report for a company that produces health organic food products

Marketing report for a company that produces health organic food products Assignment example
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Marketing Report for a Company that Produces Health Organic Food Products Name of student Course title Name of instructor Name of Institution Date of Submission Marketing Objectives The Quality Organic Food Production Company (QOFPC) which produces healthier and organic foods aims at increasing its sales.


200). To start with, is to develop a fresh product line which will aim at improving sales by at least 20%. Secondly, a “new and enhanced” commodity line to the already on hand customer base will be launched through conveying improvements and revisions. Furthermore, we intend to raise product awareness by at least 40% before the end of this year among the intended audience. Finally, carry out an extensive study on the different segments of the market and formulate new ways of satisfying each segment’s needs (Nash, 2000, p. 68). Market Segments Understanding market segmentation is very important since it will enable QOFPC to concentrate on satisfying the specific needs of its customers (Kotler et al, 2009, p. 200). Though mass marketing has its own advantages, it has also been criticized and companies are currently being advised to concentrate of micro-marketing where production is driven by market segments. There are different segments of the market that needs to be studies in order to know how to engage effectively on the production process. For instance, by QOFPC studying the behavior of its potential customers, it will be in a position to determine how to play between quality and low price in its search to satisfy all its customer categories (Schmid, 2007, p.102). First and foremost QOFPC needs to understand the demographic component of the market. ...
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