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Classic Airline
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RUNNING HEADER: Classic Airlines Classic Airlines BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Classic Airlines 1. The Problem In order to fully justify any changes to the current business model or to its branding strategies, it is necessary to utilize a nine-step problem solving model to improve Classic Airline’s competitive position.


Those who maintain the rewards program are largely dissatisfied with the program concept and redemption opportunities (68 percent of those surveyed), which contributes to diminishing brand loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising potential. Further, the operating expenses associated with carrying out the services are very high compared to revenues. The highest is fuel, unfortunately the management team has already developed a hedging program and these cannot be reduced. Operations-based expenditures for Classic Airlines require reduction which may mean streamlining operations to adopt either a lean philosophy or change methodology of key operational characteristics at the firm. Based on the knowledge that the CEO does not appreciate or value strategic alliances and thus the marketing division will get no support with this option as a means of improving resources, the business must work with its fundamental strengths to improve operational systems for cost reduction. Having identified the problems, they must be framed effectively. The brand operates in an oligopoly where there are few competitors who dominate the market due to the high costs of entry into the market by competitors. In this market, competitive branding and promotion are some of the most fundamental methods to achieve competitive edge. ...
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