Global marketing strategy and product launch: Superdrug to India

Global marketing strategy and product launch: Superdrug to India Essay example
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The paper endeavours to highlight on the several issues in regards to the different marketing mix elements that Superdrug would encounter while tending to operate and gain a formidable share in the Indian market.


Superdrug a retail company focusing on the trading of toiletries was formed during 1964 by the Goldstein family. From then on the company changed many hands and is now managed by the AS Watson Group who took over the ownership of the company during 2002. The company based in United Kingdom operates based on a network of around 900 stores that focus on enhancing on the dimension of quality and innovation in the course of rendering beauty products to its customers. Superdrug works in regards to its own private label brands and also through conducting sales of products of other established cosmetic companies like L’Oreal.
Background of the Superdrug
Current Market Position and Global Vision and Ambitions of Superdrug
Superdrug in its home market, United Kingdom is found to rank the second in regards to the retail market for beauty and health products in conducting its operation through a network of 900 stores around the region. Apart from the sole 900 stores the company also conducts its operation through acting in-store in around 226 pharmaceuticals. However in regards to the global markets, Superdrug fails to reflect any store and thus fails to get any positive ranking (Superdrug, 2012).
Needs for expanding into Emerging Markets
Superdrug identifies great opportunity in its endeavour to expand into foreign emerging markets that reflect a rise in high income level consumers. During the period ranging from 2010 to 2015 the rise to high-income level consumers is 46 million for China and 34 million for India. ...
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