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Significance and influences  Literature review example
Literature review
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BRANDING: SIGNIFICANCE AND INFLUENCES Name Course Professor Date of Submission LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction Branding is trademark of a specific product commercialized by a certain company by designating name or symbol to its goods for distinction. Historically, the Anglo Saxon had already practiced this system by burning something and stamping it on their personal properties or goods to demonstrate actual ownership on it.


Branding therefor is not a modern business strategy although this is recently subjected into law, not only for regulation but also to institute intellectual property rights to all products introduced in the market (Interband, 2004). Branding is considered very significant for business leveraging. Products are advertised and purchased regularly by consumers using its brand as basis to determine good’s quality and services offered (Interband, 2004).Those brands that have gain significant figures of loyal consumers increased the value of good’s production. Quality clothes, milks, shoes, kitchen wares, appliances and the likes are often the most popular brands, thus, business managers handling these products enjoy high return of investment (Interband, 2004). With very good yield coupled with satisfactory business performance, share price can therefore be positively swayed. Branding commands discrimination of purchase. It also justifies increase of products’ prices using the presumption that these are all produced in accordance to quality standards. ...
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