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developing a marketing plan

Sony’s products are advertised through the world by sales companies and unaffiliated suppliers as well as direct trades via the Internet. Sony is also involved in advertising agency business and network services business in Japan among so many other activities. This paper seeks to establish Sony’s current industrial status in the market share and unearth the company’s secrets of success. Principally, the sole intention of this treatise is to bring into focus the Marketing Plan for Sony Corporation (Fujiwara, 2006).
With many main products reputable and substantial market share, one can note that it is improbable for new competitors to overcome product identities that are conventional to maintain consumer trustworthiness. The copyrights that are possessed by Sony are a resilient obstacle since competitors find it costly to enter the same industry of production due to placement of patents and licenses and raised prices for the product.
Sony Corporation, for a long time, has been, and still is, dominant in the electronic business. With its capacity to deliver durable and high-end products, Sony has built long-lasting relationships with their dealers. Their high business uniqueness and a worldwide network of business entities has enabled them establish a bargaining power of the suppliers and dealers like no other company. Because of this, dealers have found it hard to bargain down prices due to their loyalty, and high quality products produced by Sony. The introduction of the new Sony LED TV and the quality that comes in this product, is an example as to why dealers have lowered their bargaining power thus increasing level of Industry profits.
The bargaining power of retailers and suppliers will depend mostly on the bargain power of end-users. This chain is what makes this phenomena a threat and may force a company to lower its prices that might lead to ...
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Founded in 1970, Sony is involved in the manufacture, design, development, and sale of many kinds of electronic equipment, and devices. Sony also employs third-party producers brands. Sony is a worldwide company…
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