Shell company's efforts, actions and initiatives regarding sustainability

Shell company
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[SHELL] [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] “Shell company’s efforts, actions and initiatives regarding sustainability” The company that has been chosen is Shell Limited. It is an international organization, that has been functioning well despite facing a huge number of lawsuits and allegations, their profits have not dwindled.


They have divided their whole work strategy into two directions, Up-stream and down-stream. In the Upstream strategy they are actually looking forward to discover newer oilfields and at the same time also working on the existing methods to increase efficiency and productivity. In the downstream strategy they invest the earnings to earn financial gains. They focus on providing the supply to the demands of the energy of the world and that to in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time focus on sustainable development. ROYAL Dutch Shell plc commonly known as “SHELL” is a multinational BRITISH-DUTCH oil and gas company. Its headquarter is situated in THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS and a registered office in LONDON, UK. SHELL is amongst one of the leading company in the field of oil and gas industry; indulge itself not only in the production and refineries of petroleum products but also paved its way in the major energy products like “bio fuel, hydrogen and power generation”. SHELL is keen in fulfilling and guaranteeing energy needs of people in ways that are highly economical, environmental and social responsible. ...
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