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Consumer Decision Making

I have recently started working on a marketing job. The new job requires me to be constantly in touch with by superiors and also with my customers. I now realize that my basic model of mobile would not serve its purpose. I need a phone that not only serves as a phone but also functions like a hand held computer with wi-fi facility. Reading and writing emails was very important and hence, the new mobile must be hi-tech with huge functions. Using laptop all the time to remain online for conference talk with superiors was not feasible. This was a major problem which needed to be sorted out. Hence, new mobile with these features was the only option for me to safeguard my job. Information search My need for sophisticated mobile phone was driven by my professional requirement. I started researching for the best brand that would help me meet my need. The online search was natural option. I found that Nokia N8 was a good option. It was not only backed by the brand credibility but also through experience I knew that it was sturdy and reliable. It was equipped with various features like easy navigation, huge storage, high resolution camera, wi-fi to connect easily across the globe, email, video conferencing, facebook etc. These were critical features that supported my work. ...
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Introduction Consumer psychology is highly complex phenomenon that requires in depth study of consumer purchase behavior. Businesses and market outlets tend to exploit customer preferences and buying psychology to sell their products and expand their market…
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