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Stereotyping Name Institution Stereotyping Introduction Stereotyping could be defined as a firm belief of an individual or group that is based on certain logically correct or flawed propositions or perceptions. These types of beliefs originate from culture and tradition, which are often not logically challenged, because of this trend; generations after generations keep on believing them without any reason, in most cases.


This way, they neither challenge nor are challenged by any other person or group. However, building ones own perceptions, ideas and ideals bring new discoveries. Those who believe in self and not in stereotypes prosper. They challenge the norms and make progress. It is commonly believed that females cannot hold the key managerial positions in an organization, because of the false belief that they do not have a strong decision power (Koenig, Eagly, Mitcell, & Ristikari, 2011). On the other hand, history is full of those females who brought a revolution in the world. The most common example is Mary Kay, who initiated a company, in which she hired females for all kinds of jobs, from assistant manager to watchperson. Hence in this fashion proved to the world that females can do any work, and demonstrated a strong character and will that is an evidence of her strong decision making, thus proving the stereotype of females’ weak decision making. False beliefs are also playing a role of guiding principles in evaluating the leaders based on their skin color (Carton & Posette, 2011). This biasness is based on the deliberately created belief by whites, which explains blacks as distrusting and naive, but in reality it is not the case. ...
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