Marketing Information System

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Marketing Information System Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Toyota 3 Primary Marketing Problem 3 Three Sources of Secondary Information 4 Proprietary & Corporate Information 6 Importance of information 6 References 7 Toyota Toyota Motor Corporation is a renowned Japanese automobile company.


They entered into robotics market during 2004. Toyota has sold more than three million hybrid vehicles across the world during 2011 (Toyota-global, n.d.). Primary Marketing Problem Every marketing plan has four dimensions in terms of product, price, place, promotion. Place regards to distribution network maintained by companies. Toyota emphasizes on just in time (JIT) inventory control and lean operation. Place plays important role to create suitable lean operation across all the plants of Toyota. Supply chain management plays a pivotal role in maintaining a proper inventory function. Maintaining the first P (product) of marketing is the main problem for Toyota. Tsunami on March 11 has clearly impacted the car company, which has higher sales volume in Japan with respect to competitors like Nissan and Honda. The Japanese automobile company has projected a profit margin of $3.5bn for next 1 year which is almost fifty percent lower than previous year’s projection. The company will certainly lose its position as volume leader in terms of car production during 2011, and might fall behind General Motors and German player like Volkswagen. Analyst forecasted drop of one percent in global sales for Toyota in the year 2012. The problem is regarding the production process of Toyota. They need to integrate supply chain network with production process to counterbalance the problem. ...
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