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Title: AN EVALUATION OF DIRECT ADVERTISING AND WHETHER IT CREATES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE FOR COMPANIES. Table of content Content Page Introduction 1 Literature Review 2 Direct Advertising 2 Competitive Advantage 3 Competitive Advantage and Direct Advertising 5 Research Aims and Objectives 7 Methodology 8 Research Philosophy 8 Research Approach 9 Data Collection Methods 10 Validity and Reliability 11 Research Ethics 12 Research Limitations 12 References 14 Introduction There is a clear need for highly targeted marketing within the Internet environment.


However, it is beyond and more than that limited understanding. Direct advertising can be carried out through emails and faxes in which customer directly contact with producer of products and services. In the absence of middle-man, the customer finds it satisfactory to purchase product or avail services on the basis of existing market position of organization. However, companies need to maintain a higher level of marketing strategies along with competitive advantage in order to maintain its existing market position and market share as well. Competitive advantage has been defined as advantage offering greater value either through providing additional services and benefits or possibly lower prices. To maintain the competitive position and competitive advantage in the market, organizations need to adopt and maintain a defensible position in the market that could be achieved by adopting strategies such as overall cost leadership, differentiation or focus as suggested by porter. However, some critics highlight that organizations cannot be able to simultaneously maintain these strategies. ...
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