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Case Study

According to stock market analyst, P&G will boost Tambrands infrastructure to capture the wider market in developing countries. It would have been very difficult for Tambrands to launch a worldwide marketing program without merging with P&G. The deal signed benefited both parties; P&G was put back in the tampon business while Tambrands was now marketing its products on an international platform (Yomiko Ono,1997).
This deal meant a new dawn for the Tambrands Company. P&G had induced a global marketing infrastructure and better distribution capabilities that brought worldwide growth of Tampax tampon up to speed to meet the out bursting market in developing countries.
The goal put in place by Tambrands of its universal marketing strategy was to “market to each cluster in a similar way.” This was because while scheduling for growth and development into a global market, Tambrands categorized the world into three clusters, in accordance with how resistant women are using tampons and not in accordance with their locations.
In the first cluster, majority of women already use tampons and possibly feel they know all they need to know about the product. In the second cluster 2, approximately half of the women population in this category use tampons. There have been concerns regarding the loss of virginity when using tampons and they are often viewed as peculiar products that block the menstrual flow. In the third cluster, which is the most puzzling, there is the virginity issue and the order subject where Tambrands must articulate how to use a tampon without making them feel uncomfortable.
Tambrands objective for its universal marketing plan was to “advertise to each cluster in a similar way”. This is because by categorizing based on resistance as a substitute for location, Tambrands is also trying to create a more consistent brand for its Tampax tampons. The advertising ...
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P&G has matured and developed in recent years by securing products and marketing them on internationally level. Tambrands made an executive decision by signing a $1.85 billion deal…
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