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This essay will look at the marketing plan for Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks is a leading coffee maker and seller located in the US. Its core aim is to manufacture and sell coffee products. This firm has several outlets in the US and other countries. Although the company provides products as opposed to services, its marketing strategy is service oriented (Stevens, David and William 122). The company aspires to provide an extraordinary service. The company has used several strategies, including increasing the size of its workforce so that it can increase the speed of serving its clientele. Although many view, the focus on the quality of service delivery may ruin the business because the company may end up producing low-quality products. However, this is a shallow analysis of the operations underlying service orientation. This is because, apart from focusing on methods of how to present the service better to the clientele, the concept includes ways of making a satisfactory product. In essence, the service-oriented operations at Starbucks equate the operations and components of a working marketing strategy. The following is Starbucks Coffee marketing plan.
The main target market for Starbucks is people of all genders aged between 18-40 years. The fact that Starbucks products are relatively expensive means that most of its clientele are people of medium to upper class although the company has tried to bring down its prices. Starbucks Coffee is a brand that is synonymous with higher status social groups. This was the focus of the company for many years. This implies that the company targeted the young people who cared about their image and status (Kotler and Gary 27). Although this supposition is still present when one utters the name of Starbucks, the company marketing strategy is changing. These are the main target markets for Starbucks Coffee.
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Although the description of a service-oriented business appears to be those businesses that deal in services only, its actual definition…
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