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Marketing Student name: September 18, 2012 Question 4) The organization’s marketing mix equation includes profit-prioritized pricing decisions. The company must prioritize pricing strategies that equates to recovering the costs involved in making a product or service (Lilien, 2012).


For example, I got ripped off when the seller sold me an 8 oz bottle of mineral water at $5 each stating the water has health-revitalizing ingredients. Next day, I later learned that the all mineral water competitors, regardless of price sell the same type of mineral water. I could have bought a lower priced competitor’s product and save money for a snack food. Two days later, I took advantage of a store’s “discount sale” promotion and saved 70 percent on my purchase. Further, the average company can honestly make profits and similarly offer value to its current and prospective customers. To increase customer demand, the company must advertise the benefits of buying its products. For example, AMD grabbed a huge share of the Intel’s computer chip market segment because Microsoft refused to incorporate the changing needs of its current clients (Jagpal, 2008). REFERENCES: Jagpal, S. (2008). Fusion for Profit: How Marketing and Finance Can Work Together to Create Value. New York: University Press. Lilien, G. (2012). Principles of Marketing . New York: Decision Pro Press. Question 5) Nike, Gatorade, and other companies implement both emotional and intellectual marketing strategies (Moehlman, 2010). ...
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