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Marketing Trends Name: Institution: Marketing Trends For marketers, a new day is all about new opportunities (Harris, 2011). A new day brings a chance to create better campaigns and gain more insight into what consumers and customers want. A new day also creates the chance for marketers to find fresh ways of engaging their customers (Harris, 2011).


Internet marketing is a broad field since it not only deals with marketing over the internet, but also incorporates marketing done through wireless media and e-mail. Electronic customer management and digital customer systems are also grouped together when it comes to internet marketing (Harris, 2011). Internet marketing also brings the technical along with creative aspects of the internet like design, development, sales and advertizing together. Consumer Movement Consumer movement refers to a marketing symptom, which indicates the changing relations between buyers or consumers and sellers (Dameron, 2012). The alerting and changing relationships in consumer attitudes are a long run and continuous character. A person needs to search beyond consumer attitudes in order to understand the consumer movement. Furthermore, it is only the current years that these consumer activities and interests have enhanced to such a point where it could be termed as a movement (Dameron, 2012). Consumer movement is known to affect marketing in various ways that will be discussed later in this article. Brand Identity A brand refers to the term, name, symbol, design or any other feature, which identifies one seller’s products from those of other sellers (Kinsley, 2009). Brand identity started as a way of telling one person’s goods from another. ...
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