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Introduction 3
Domain Analysis 4
Market Analysis 4
Competitor Analysis 5
Service Delivery Map & Service Blueprint 7
GAP Analysis 9
Physical Evidence: Its Role and Importance in Achieving Competitive Advantage 11
Research Methodology 12


Conclusion 13
References 15
Questionnaire 16

Qatar Airways is the countrywide air carrier for the State of Qatar. It was commenced in the year 1994, with 50% ownership of the government and 50% of the private sector. The airline company is presently undertaking fast expansion and has been considered as one of the fastest expanding airline companies in addition to being one that operates one of the youngest fleet across the globe. The average age of Qatar Airway’s aircraft is less than four years. In the year 1997, the company had only four aircrafts. Nevertheless as of February, 2012 the airline has more than 100 aircrafts and expects to have more than 120 aircrafts by the next year (Qatar Airways, 2012).
Qatar Airways is a reasonably recent provincial airline company that is heading toward becoming an international brand. It has insistently moved in the direction of accomplishing its growth strategy objectives. This has been possible to a certain extent due to growing brand acknowledgment as well as awareness. Qatar Airways had generated brand awareness by means of many conduits, for instance advertising via print media, radio, television, and the internet. This had helped the airline company in presenting its image in a range of formats. The image of Qatar Airline that has been built by its initiatives is that of a progressive and premium airline that provides exclusive and outstanding customer service. ...
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