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Target Corporation Supply Chain [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Target Corporation Supply Chain Supply chain management has become an essential component for organizations to increase productivity and efficiency in their overall operations, therefore the purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the supply chain process of Target Corporation, for understanding different functions of their supply chain.


This merchandise is transferred to the regional offices through rail or trucks. The regional offices are responsible for providing merchandise to more than 1700 stores of the company located in different states of US. The effective of Target supply chain is responsible to meet the customers demand, and the company has complete control of its merchandise immediate after the arrival of its shipment (Tirschwell, 2008). Product and Service Specification Product Specification Target being a highest discount retailer is spread in a wide range of products in the utility section. From house hold goods to dry items, from food items to cosmetics there is a big variety of products which Target offers (Target, 2012). Service Specifications Target Corporation being a merger with Associated Merchandising Corporation (AMC) has globalized its service network in discount retail section. In the retail section, Target is divided in three categories of services Target Greatland (shoes and clothing), Target stores (utility services) and Super Target (marts). ...
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