Gap Case Study- Analysis current strategy

Gap Case Study- Analysis current strategy Essay example
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Gap case study- Analysis of current strategy Abstract Business enterprises operate in competitive markets in which success depends on both internal and external environments. While the environmental factors are not easily controllable or non-controllable at all, in case they are external, appropriate management ensures organizational success.


45). The demographic trend include factors like the number of target consumers, age mix, distribution of people across target geographical areas, population composition by ethnicity and trends in income within target market. These factors have significantly remained constant for the industry, except income distribution that could have been caused by the economic recession in the year 2009. The industry’s target market that defines its geographical environment is also global due to regional and international trade. Its economic environment is however variable and depends on factors such as interest rates, inflation rates and recession (Ireland, Hoskisson and Hitt, 2008; Thompson and Strickland, 2009). The industry is also significantly influenced by political factors that include legal systems and governmental agencies that protect consumer interests and include legislations and regulatory bodies and sociological and cultural factors such as general attitudes, health concerns, and cultural beliefs among the target market that significantly affect the industry and are particularly influenced by morality, taste, and preferences. ...
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