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Understand the concept and process of marketing - Assignment Example

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Customer needs refer to those products which fall under the category of basic requirements of people and are basically required by them for their survival. The customers mostly buy these products themselves and are not required by the marketers to push them to buy these products…

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Understand the concept and process of marketing

Understand the concept and process of marketing

The other important sectors of UK include agricultural and fishing, tourism and finance.
Social – The social factors include trends in demographics such as population size, age, cultural factors and consumer activities. The culture of UK refers to the idiosyncratic cultural norms. UK generally speaks English as the native language. It is characterized by the existence of different types of consumers in the market.
Technological – Technological factors include rate of new product development, increase in process automation and other technical infrastructures such as technology inducements, technology transfer, impact of internet and R & D activity. In UK technology is one of the central parts of any business. They make heavy use of technology in almost every sector.

Marketing objectives of a firm are designed in such a way that ultimately it leads to the attainment of the overall objectives of the business firm. The marketing objectives actually set out path for an organisation towards achieving the marketing activities that are needed to be performed by the company.
Some of the marketing objectives of Vodafone include retaining the leadership of the company in the market measured on the basis of revenues earned per customer, customer satisfaction and network quality. ...
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